Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Little Nickie
From: (Lynn Z. Schneider x2077)
Date: 1991-01-15, 10:10
Reply-to: lzs@indetech.COM (Lynn Z. Schneider x2077)

In article <> (Ann Hodgins) writes:
> >First there was The Old Nick (the devil) and now there is little Nick.
> > 
> >Is little Nickie a little devil?
> > 
> >Those of us (in our little clique of peak heads) who are interested in
> >psychic phenomena feel that Nick is probably one of several
> >types: 1)  a carrier of a poltergeist - usually an unhappy early-adolescent
> >around whom malicious pranks are performed, apparently by a spirit.
> >
> >2)  gifted with conscious telekinetic ability which he secretly uses to
> >destroy the adults around him
> >
> >3) cursed with unconscious telekinetic ability related to unconscious
> >hostility towards adults around him.  
> > 

Kind of reminds me of my favorite Twilight Zone episode with Billy Mummy
as "little Anthony," a kid with supernatural abilities to kill the adults
he doesn't like.

"Ya done good, son, it's a real good thing ya done. Now, wish him into 
the cornfield son, wish him into the cornfield!"

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