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Subject: Re: The White Lodge
From: (Jef Poskanzer)
Date: 1991-01-15, 22:41
Reply-to: Jef Poskanzer

In the referenced message, (Cisco's Buddy) wrote:
}In article , (David L. Claytor) writes...
}} Re: his posting on The White Lodge and Talbot Mundy's book The Devil'
}} Guard, I nominate Jim Hickey for the Peakoid "Post of the Month" award.
}} Great sleuthing; excellent material!
}Waitaminute... *I* was the one who posted the article quoting the passages
}about the White Lodge from Mundy's novel.

Right, Jim Hickey is just yet another bozo from Hewlett Packard who
likes to quote other people's entire articles and then add no new text.
One of these days, HP will throw notesfiles in the toilet where it

Anyway, it was a great article, Jerry.  I especially like the Tibetan
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