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Subject: Re: TP: SPOILERS: 12 Jan 91 Episode...
From: (Ann Hodgins)
Date: 1991-01-15, 08:40

In article <> (Jack Vinson) writes:
> >In article <3906@eastapps.East.Sun.COM> bdowning@otc.UUCP () writes:
>> >>SPOILERS for 12 Jan 91 show follow:
> >
>> >>7. Nuther question: Was the domino that, I assume Hank, was holding from
>> >>One-Eyed Jacks? What was the significance of bothering to show it?
> >
> >
Of friend of mine believes that it represents the number of people that
Hank has offed so it increases in number as he kills (or attempts to kill)
another person. So far it seems that he has not killed as many as he thinks,
ie. Andrew for one.

> >
> >"All you need in this life is (are?)   Guts, Distance, Symmetry."

I'm not sure but I think it was balance, distance, symmetry.
Somehow it reminded me of the white and black lodges, in balanced
symetry and at a distance. Or maybe Ben is possesed by the spirit of a
Toaist monk.