Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: TP: SPOILERS: 12 Jan 91 Episode...
From: (Andrew David Weiland)
Date: 1991-01-15, 19:23

> >6. Question: What was the fabric badge that Coop was holding? Looked like
> >a fir tree with a sword in the background...

His badge as a member of the bookhouse boys (see the 12/8 episode).

> >7. Nuther question: Was the domino that, I assume Hank, was holding from
> >One-Eyed Jacks? What was the significance of bothering to show it?

This isn't Hank's first flirtation with the popular parlor game.  There
was a recurring thread about the number of spots on the dominos on
Hank's tie.  Some posters conjecture that they represent the number of
people Hank has killed--or tried to kill, since the only person he's
actually succeeded in bumping off was that nameless tramp (by accident).
 I guess it represents his slowly increasing IQ.

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