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Subject: Re: Twin Peaks beginner questions.
From: (Cisco's Buddy)
Date: 1991-01-15, 01:16

In article <>, writes...

} Recently we hired a video of _Twin Peaks_.
} It was a story about the murder of some girls in a small town.
} Is this related to the _Twin Peaks_ you speak of?


} Perhaps it was an extended version of the pilot?


} I thought the ending was false (it was no where as good as the preceeding
} footage).

The pilot set up the murder, introduced the characters, and so forth. The
murder was not fully solved until the 16th episode of the series. However,
Warner Home Video planned to release the pilot as a one-off film for the
European and Pacific markets, and because it was a one-off, it required a
solution to the crime. So, Lynch and Frost kludged up a solution. And *that*
is why the last 15 minutes or so of the video version looks "tacked on".
Most of that footage *does* show up in a couple of episodes in the series,
but in different contexts.

Despite the fact that it was intended as a one-off in Europe, the regular
series *has* been showing in various European countries in the last few
months. Perhaps it'll get to your neck of the world soon.

The solution as presented in the video is not the same as the solution in
the series. The killer is kinda sorts somewhat the same, but not really.

It just occurs to me, though, that by "ending", you mean specifically the
"25 Years Later" scene, and not necessarily the confrontation at the
hospital. In the series, the "25 Years Later" scene is used as part of
a psychic dream that Agent Cooper has, giving him clues to the murder which
he then tries to solve. As it appeared in the series, it was one of the
most striking moments of the series. As a tacked on ending to the video,
it was totally out of place and made no sense whatsoever.

The video version is exactly the same as the pilot up to the point where
Sarah Palmer has the vision of seeing the murderer in Laura's bedroom. The
original pilot ends with her vision, only her vision is of some unknown
person digging up the locket that James and Donna buried in the woods.

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