Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: The James Subplot(was Re: Major Briggs is Back!)
From: (Jym Dyer)
Date: 1991-01-15, 23:42

> > Crticism of the week:  I'm dissapointed that we now have yet
> > another battered wife in the show.  The James subplot is bad
> > enough without still more intimations and/or displays of woman-
> > beating, as we had in the Shelley-Leo encounters.
__  I don't understand the criticism.  Having one, and then
_   another, battered wife on the show seems to jibe with the
    show's purpose of exposing the real-life horrors hidden
    in idealized exteriors.
__  As a feminist, I applaud the creators for (1) drawing
_   attention to a widespread social problem, (2) showing
    that it occurs at different socioeconomic levels, and
    (3) doing it in a way that shows its real horror, rather
    than using it as a device to exploit women.