Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: 01/12/91 - Questions & Comments
From: (Stephen C. Bertsch)
Date: 1991-01-16, 14:28

In article <> (Jack Vinson) writes:
> >In article <91014.131839ADMN8647@Ryerson.CA> ADMN8647@Ryerson.CA (Linda Birmingham) writes:
>> >>2.
>> >>    I too, am glad the Major has returned.  The last scene with he and
>> >>    his wife was quite touching (him stroking her hair and all) and the
>> >>    way he said that things were not alright certainly leads one to
>> >>    believe that Twin Peaks is heading for some serious trouble.
> >
> >I loved this scene too.  With Bobby actually sounding like he cared about his
> >father and talking to his mother like a human being right before.  ~"Dad is
> >weird, but he has more going on upstairs than most folks."  When the major
> >reappeared he told Bobby to put out his cigarette and he DID.  Then asked for a
> >stiff martini which Bobby went to get.  Different from the Bobby who needed a
> >smack to lose the cigaratte into mom's cake...
> >
> >for some reason I just thought of "Time is out of joint." from Hamlet with
> >regards to things being not alright....
> >

This is a stretch, but the above comment also made me think of Kurt
Vonnegut's _Slaughterhouse Five_, where Billy Pilgrim gets unstuck
in time.