Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: 1-12-1991 ***> SPOILERS, more than likely
From: daq@hpfcso.HP.COM (Doug Quarnstrom)
Date: 1991-01-16, 15:13

> >We never found out for certain who attacked Jacoby at the gazebo.  Just like
> >we don't know who shot Coop.

Yes, but there is STRONG circumstantial evidence that Leland did it.  In
that episode, Maddie came down the stairs and went out and there was a
shot of Lelan in the background on the couch.  He gave Maddie a VERY
significant look as she went out the door.  At the time I thought
for sure that Leland MUST have beat up Jacobi, because I was not willing
to admit that the attacker just coincidentally happened to be where
Maddy was.  But at the time I did not think Leland was the killer, so
I just blew off the clue, but in retrospect, I really think it was most
rational to assume that Leland followed Maddie.

> >Perhaps we'll never know or maybe loose ends to WKLP will still play a
> >part in the new story lines.

You know, there are still so many loose ends in the Laura Palmer plot,
that I find it really hard to believe that it is really resolved.