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Subject: Re: 1-12-1991 ***> SPOILERS, more than likely
From: (Steen Linden)
Date: 1991-01-16, 13:58
Newsgroups: (Cisco's Buddy) writes:

> >Furthermore, it is *only* our assumption that the two odors are connected
> >that suggest that Leland/BOB was the one who attacked Jacoby at the gazebo.
> >Otherwise, there is no evidence that he did so.

However, I think the scene where Maddy sneaks out of the house dressed
up as Laura makes it very possible that it was Leland who attacked
Jacoby at the Gazebo.

Leland was sitting in the dark livingroom and saw Maddy as she sneaked
out to meet Donna and James at the Gazebo. The scene ended with a rather
dramatic cut to Leland which in my opinion indicates that he probably
followed her. But... We will never know.

> >It also seems pretty clear that Leland was Leland when he killed Jacques,
> >and was not possessed by BOB at the time. For one, the murder doesn't fit
> >BOB's m.o.

I guess this is also the case if it was Leland who attacked Jacoby.

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