Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Coop + Widow?
From: (Julie Kozaczka Stahlhut)
Date: 1991-01-16, 14:22

I don't think that the original posting about "economic impact" was
meant to imply anything about Coop's taste in women.  I think that
the reference to the Widow Milford's "contribution to the GNP" was
a roundabout way of saying "The Widow Milford is really a dim bulb"!

BTW, I've twice witnessed the spectacle of every male in the area
swarming around a female and listening intently.  In both cases, the
female people involved were "new kids on the block".  The first time
was in the 9th grade.  The male persons were all between 12 and 14,
the female person was 14, and she was indeed very pretty, and 
embarrassed to get all the attention.  The second time was in college.
The male persons were all between 18 and 22, the female person was 18,
and she was a truly ordinary looking person with a chunky figure, 
chronically unwashed hair, and the kind of complexion that makes
adolescents dive into vats of Clearasil.  (I'm not trying to be
cruel to this person.  When I was 18, my skin didn't look any better.)
My roommate and I, after hearing a number of male persons chatter about
how they drooled after this woman, both had hysterics when we finally
saw her.  We never did figure that one out, especially since the
comments by the local male persons were about how gorgeous she was,
and NOT that she had a wonderful personality -- most of them admitteld
to not having talked to her much.

I don't believe in witchcraft, so I wonder how she did it?  :-)
It had a healthy effect on the habits of those of us of the female
persuasion, though.  We just threw away our acne lotions and shampoo
and pigged out on Reese's cups, figuring that vanity was out and
comfortable dumpiness was perfectly acceptable for sex symbols ...:-)
Julie Kozaczka Stahlhut
"I'm not especially responsible but it's not my employer's fault."