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Subject: Re: Vicuna origins
Date: 1991-01-16, 23:39

In article , (Joe Hartley) writes...
> >I think that the people searching for the owner of a vicuna coat are on the 
> >wrong track.  I believe the white stuffed animal in Ben Horne's office is a 
> >vicuna, and we clearly saw Leland pluck some fur from this animal and place 
> >it in his pocket an episode or two before he purchased the agricultural land 
> >tract.

Wrong.  Sorry, but a vicu~na (with a spanish ~n, as in Se~nor) is a llama -
like animal popular in South America.  A coat made of such an animal should
be quite warm, and probably expensive, judging by llama-fleece sweatewrs.
the animal in Ben's office, whose fur appeared onm Maddie was _definitely_
not a vicuna, but (Ithink) a white fox, at least according to Albert.  I
might be mistaken about the fox, but not about the Vicuna (according to
Webster's it is related to the guanaco, llama and alpaca, and resides in the

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