Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Ben
From: (Eugene Kushnirsky)
Date: 1991-01-17, 14:53

In article <> (Timothy W. Lynch) writes:
> > (Eugene Kushnirsky) writes:
> >
>> >>Fine. Suppose a man as calculating as Ben Horne could snap after a series of 
>> >>financial losses and public humiliation. Would the resulting insanity manifest
>> >>itself in an obsession with toy soldiers? Do you really think Ben's character
>> >>isn't being milked for comic relief?

> >Yes, I do--because I haven't found Ben's changes funny in the least.  Draining,
> >wrenching, and slightly disturbing, yes--but *funny*?  Are we looking at the
> >same Benjamin Horne?
> >
> >There was a post I saw earlier today (sorry, forgot the author) which 
> >addressed the subject very well--about how Ben has lost, slowly but perhaps
> >inexorably, every bit of power he once had.  I'd be interested to see your
> >comments on it.

Okay, let me try one last time to explain why I think Ben Horne's character is
being ruined. He was such a great villain, at first; scheming, ruthless, always
in control. He had half the town in his pocket and goons like Hank Jennings on
a short leash. Now he's walking around in his bathrobe, making wild eyes at 
Bobby Briggs and the camera. And I think the reason for this is the void left
by Leland's death and the disappearance of Jacoby and the Log Lady, a need for
a "wacky" character. I think that Ben's soldiers are meant to take the place of
Leland's dancing and to save the writers some work. 

You found Ben's transformation "draining"? This wasn't exactly a case study of
mental degeneration. This was a once-great TV show trying for some laughs.
Look, I'm not a psychiatrist and I don't think that you are either (If I'm 
wrong, please correct me). But I think that Ben is to mental breakdowns as 
Nadine is to comas. The principal difference being that what was happening to
Nadine used to be funny.
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