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Subject: Re: Is Nicky the Kreamed Korn Kid?
From: (Germaine Leveque)
Date: 1991-01-17, 16:18

In article <91016.085659ADMN8647@Ryerson.CA> ADMN8647@Ryerson.CA (Linda Birmingham) writes:
> >
> >I too, feel there is more likely a connection between the KKK (shouldn't
> >that be CCK?) and Little Nicky than Nicky being Bob's next host.
> >Didn't Mrs. Tremond say that her grandson was an orphan?
> >
> >Linda

But . . . does _that_ Mrs. Tremond (the bedridden one who had the grandson)
really exist, or who is she really.  Remember that when Donna went back to the
Tremond house with Coop and Andy they found only a "middle-aged" Mrs. Tremond,
whom Donna had never seen before, who said her mother had died years before and
said she had no children.  Another unsolved tidbit!

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