Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: The Domino Theory
From: (Kris Stephens [Hail Eris!])
Date: 1991-01-17, 15:28
Reply-to: (Kris Stephens [Hail Eris!])

In article <> (Laura E. Floom) writes:
> >In article (Kris Stephens [Hail Eris!]) writes:
>> >>The most common domino-sets are called Double-Sixes, with tiles 
>> >>running from blank-blank through six-six.  For real fanatics,
>> >>there are Double-Nines, and if players have fallen off the deep
>> >>end, Double-Twelves (blank-blank through twelve-twelve).
> >
> >Do you think Hank ever walked around with a blank-blank tile. Prehaps
> >it was given to him as a child?

Got me there.  *If* the number of spots on the dominos is Hank
counting kills (or something else), he might've started with a
blank-blank.  On the other hand, he might've started with the
blank-one after his first event.  Was his attachment to dominoes
started as an infant?  No answer available and virtually any
theory plausible.

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