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Subject: Re: Audio strangeness on 12-JAN-91
From: (Daniel Pearl)
Date: 1991-01-18, 09:01
Reply-to: (Daniel Pearl)

In article <> writes:
> >In article <62082@bbn.BBN.COM>, (Scott Minkin) writes...
> >} Did anyone but me notice that the audio for the voice dropped out at
> >} several different points during this TP?
> >People in this newsgroup from other parts of the country have made the
> >same observation about previous episodes, but this is the first time that
> >it's occurred on WCVB.
> >It apparently has something to with the surround sound encoding (or more
> >properly, decoding) on the local affiliate's end.

Hmmmm... Are you sure?  I noticed the glitch on my Boston-area TV.  The
glitch seemed to affect the VOCAL track only, and left the MUSIC and
SOUND EFFECT track intact.
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