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Subject: Re: Correction
From: (Francis Stracke)
Date: 1991-01-18, 10:06
Newsgroups: alt.desert-shield,alt.desert-storm,,news.groups,talk.politics.mideast,,alt.config,rec.birds

In article (Phillip "Edward" Nunez) writes:

   Organization: TinyMUCH Development Team (Wanna join? Mail to phillip@soda!)
   Lines: 16

   This is a correctional post.  In the article I sent a few minutes ago, my
   Organization: field was garbled.  I deeply apologize for this error.

   Phillip "Edward" Nunez
   I'll be releasing the already complete owlspeak version 2.0 real soon
   now.  (Owlspeak (c) 1991 Phillip Edward Nunez all rights reserved)
   Based upon recent events, I am now writing Propaganda speak.  Watch for
   it.  (Propagandaspeak (c) 1991 Phillip Edward Nunez all rights reserved)
   Copyright Statement (c) 1991 Phillip Edward Nunez all rights reserved

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For all those who don't get the (rather lame) joke--TinyMUCH is a MUD
that a few people around the country keep insisting that they're
working on.  It's all a hoax (God, I hope it's a hoax), including
rather ridiculous features which I'm not going to explain to
non-MUDders, because you would stare at me as if I'm crazy, which I
am, and you can't see me anyway so I don't know why I'd care.

Wonder how many "What's a MUD?" replies I'll get?

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