Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Diane hypothesis
From: (Viktor Haag)
Date: 1991-01-18, 08:20

In article <> (Ernst W Mayer) writes:
> >I was catching up on movies over the holidays, and I saw something which
> >may explain who "Diane" is, or at least where the idea may have come from.
> >In the Rob Reiner - directed movie "Say Anything", Lloyd Dobler (John Cusack)
> >is in love with the high school valedictorian, Diane Cort (I forgot who played
> >Diane.) After she breaks up with him (and gives him a ball point pen, to
> >assuage his impending grief,) he starts driving around in his car at all hours
> >and recording his thoughts on a small, hand - held tape recorder. If I recall
> >correctly, he starts one of these "conversations" off by saying "Diane,...".
> >Recall that the first reference to "Diane" in TP is a shot of Cooper in his
> >car, about to enter Twin Peaks, speaking into his tape recorder.
> >This of course does not explain who "Diane" in TP is, or if she even exists,
> >just my $.02 worth.

Well, I can't comment on the link, but I can say a few things on this,
firstly - Rob Reiner did not direct 'Say Anything', you are probably thinking
of 'The Sure Thing' (I say this because it was a similar *sort* of film with
John Cusack, but IMO much bettert).  Also, the girl in 'Say Anything' was
Ione Skye (Love that overbite, holy cow), who was also in 'River's Edge'.
The girl in Sure Thing was Daphne Zuniga.


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