Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Pre-emption
From: (Ann Hodgins)
Date: 1991-01-18, 12:00

In article <>  writes:
> >In article <>, (Ann Hodgins) writes...
>> >>I sure hope that the war in the gulf is over before Saturday.
>> >>The war reportage reminds me of sports reporting. All I want
>> >>is periodic updates not a blow by blow.  Last night
>> >>I had to endure endless repetition of the same info while
>> >>my favourite shows were pre-empted (ENG and LA Law). 
>> >>No civilain can do anything to influence events in the gulf so why
>> >>do we have to be so over-informed about it?
>> >> 
> >
> >I must say, quite frankly, that I can't understand this line of argument.
> >You *had* to endure mindless repetition of the same info? You could have read
> >a book or something, no? I think it's kind of sad that people people get upset
> >when their fictional dramas get pre-empted by real life events.  In case you
> >missed it, there were a nerve-wracking couple of hours last night when it 
> >appeared that Israel may have been attacked by missiles with nerve gas warheads.
> >This would clearly have had *enormous* consequences, and the reporting gradually
> >developed from confused doubt to relieved relative certainty over a period of
> >about three hours.  Mesmerizing and hardly the endless repetition of the same
> >info.  There are also many citizens of the US with relatives involved in the 
> >Persian Gulf events and I think that it's the *duty* of the networks to provide
> >those interested parties with continuous coverage.  No matter what your feelings
> >may be concerning the rightness of the war, I think, as a citizen of the world,
> >you should be interested in it.  I think that sitting around saying, "Damn this
> >war - Twin Peaks is pre-empted again!" while people on both sides are fighting
> >and dying is *incredibly* shallow and self-centered.

Sure, I know that Israel was teetering on the brink of retaliation
and I did wanted to know, * on the hour or half hour*, what would happen.
But I did not need to hear "We have an unconfirmed report, no that's wrong,
no it's right, well its dark and we don't really know" for hours while 
something of some value to me was beng pre-empted. 

At the same time, a woman I know was in 36 hour labour. I wanted to know
what would happen there too, but I did not want to hear about every contraction.
Thousands of women are having babies around the world. I care, but I also
want to watch my favourite shows. There is a limit to how much detail I want
to know about events that are completely beyond my control and have no
immediate effect on myself and my loved ones. If you can't understand
that I suggest that you are thick.