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Subject: TP - The ^Twin Peaks^ Timeline: 2012
From: (-=+!*Possessed*!+=-)
Date: 1991-01-18, 23:38

Someone recently posted a summary of 2012 and I incorporated it into
my timeline. Thanks to you whoever you are (lost your address)!
I won't always be able to post new episodes right after they're aired;
the next posting might be in a few days or weeks.
As usual, please send corrections and transcriptions to me at



17 Mar Friday   [Episode 2012 - 1/12/90
                 Written by Harley Peyton and Robert Engles
		 Directed by Caleb Deschanel]

  -- Bobby tries again to blackmail Ben, who's acting too weird for it to
     take. B: "You know what you need in this life? Balance, distance,
     symmetry." He's stacked his furniture. Eventually he hires Bobby to spy 
     on Hank; Bobby is thrilled.
  -- Cooper is discussing houses with a real estate agent (Irene).  A coin
     flip leads him to like Dead Dog Farm, an estate with a mysterious past
     where no one stays for long.
  -- Andy, Dick and Lucy visit with Nickie's case worker.  Nickie is an orphan
     who has been through many foster homes, and is the victim of "persistent
     random misfortune." Harry breaks up the meeting calling Andy to an
     emergency at the Great Northern.
  -- Harry, Doc Hayward and Andy investigate Dougie Milford, dead in his hotel
     bed.  Dwayne comes in and grieves, accusing the wife of murder by
     sex.  Andy doesn't cry.  "My Secret Life" by Chris Gerrity is found
     on the bed. 
  -- In the hallway, Hawk is talking/flirting with the widow. H: "When
     something big goes down, I'm the man."

10:10 (clock on wall)
  -- Nadine has joined the wrestling team and takes district champion Mike in
     one fall while asking him out.
  -- Mike complains to Donna about Nadine.
  -- James meets Malcolm Sloan - Evelyn Marsh's brother, Jeffrey Marsh's
     driver.  He says Marsh abuses Evelyn. Once a fortnight she breaks one
     of his things.
  -- At Dead Dog Farm, Cooper notices some tire tracks: "A Jeep, a four-
     wheeler and a luxury sedan." In the house he deduces a meeting took
     place in the past few hours. He finds baby laxative and cocaine dust.
  -- Dick fixes a flat (reading the instructions) while Nicky is irritating.
     While Nicky is not touching the car and facing the other way, the car
     falls off the jack.  Nicky panics and runs to hug Dick (who is unhurt).

  -- Cooper comes to tell Harry about Dead Dog Farm, but instead visits
     with Air Force Colonel Reilly investigating Major Briggs.  Briggs is a
     great pilot.  "The owls are not what they seem" was broadcast from
     the woods, not deep space -- maybe from the White Lodge ("That's
     classified"). Cooper mentions seeing an owl before Briggs disappeared.
  -- James and Evelyn flirt and kiss.  James encourages her to leave her
     husband but she refuses.  When Jeffrey comes home she runs to greet him.
  -- Bobby, returning to Ben's office with photos, sees Audrey who flirts
     with him but doesn't kiss him.  Audrey goes to her secret listening place.
  -- Ben, who is working on a civil war model ("Gettysburg, day 1"), accepts
     the photos from Bobby and gives him a raise. Audrey eavesdrops.
  -- Pete and Catherine enjoy a romantic meal, served by Josie in a maid
     outfit.  Pete is bothered by Catherine's treatment of Josie, but is having
     too much fun to make an issue of it.
  -- Cooper brings Diane up to date.  Cooper did in fact respond to Earle's
     chess opening by publishing his response, "P-Q4", in the classifieds.
     Audrey knocks and offers Cooper Bobby's photos she has just stolen from
     her father's office.  Cooper identifies them as Hank, Ernie, Jean Renault
     and the mountie, meeting at Dead Dog Farm.  Denise comes in, and Audrey
     Audrey kisses Cooper on her way out.  Cooper briefs Denise.
     D: I may wear a dress but I still put on my panties one leg at a time,
        if you know what I mean.
     Cooper: Not really...

  -- At the RR, Ed looks depressed, prompting Norma to suggest they can still
     be friends and to take his hand, all this secretly witnessed by Hank,
     sporting a 3:4 domino.
  -- Dick tells Andy he thinks Nicky is the devil.
  -- In Harry's office, Dwayne continues to accuse Judy of murder.  Doc says
     it was a natural heart attack.
  -- In the hallway, all the men watch Judy being escorted to a room. They
     begin collectively reciting Shakespeare.
  -- Lucy tries to call the sheriff to the phone, but gets no response.  She
     eventually finds all the men literally spellbound by Judy telling stories.
  -- Dennis visits Ernie at the RR. At the Great Northern, Cooper and Dennis
     interrogate Ernie.  They apparently want to let him off, using him to
     catch the big guys.  Dennis will pose as a buyer from Seattle and Ernie
     will arrange for a deal between Renault and Dennis.
  -- James hears Evelyn and Jeffrey fighting.  Malcolm tells James the first
     beating was four years ago. He swears to kill Jeffrey.
  -- Bobby goes home to find his mother sitting in the dark grieving over the
     Major's disappearance.  She flips on an owl lamp and Bobby tells his
     mother about the Major's vision. Suddenly the lights go out and the major
     materializes in the house, wearing a vintage pilot's outfit (leather
     jacket and goggles) and asking how long he's been gone.
     Betty: Is everything all right?
     Garland: Not exactly...
-- "Are you suggesting there is something... irregular at work here?" Edwin Nomura