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Subject: Viewer Apathy (was Re: Pre-emption)
From: (Mike Cluff)
Date: 1991-01-18, 12:35

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In article <>,
> > (Ann Hodgins) writes... 

> >I sure hope that the war in the gulf is over before Saturday.

So do I, but for apparently different reasons.

> >The war reportage reminds me of sports reporting. All I want
> >is periodic updates not a blow by blow.  Last night
> >I had to endure endless repetition of the same info while
> >my favourite shows were pre-empted (ENG and LA Law). 
> >No civilain can do anything to influence events in the gulf so why
> >do we have to be so over-informed about it?

Well, an educated populace is a more responsible populace.  Besides, "periodic
updates" only work in cut-and-dried events like football games; you KNOW when
the team's scored a touchdown, while you can't be certain if SCUDs actually hit
Tel Aviv. Thus, it's more difficult for newscasters to give a clean summary of
the goings-on. In addition, world events as they occur on-the-fly is much more
exciting to watch than any kind of fiction.  I think that the TV ratings reports
support the notion that most Americans are more interested in the war than in
prime-time television.  

I don't agree that the average citizen can do nothing about the war.  Average
citizens certainly had an effect on the Vietnam War, and I don't think they were
protesting because "Mod Squad" had been pre-empted. :-)

I don't mean to sound obnoxious, but I do feel that Americans in general are
extraordinarily apathetic (just look at our voting percentages), so this touches
a nerve with me.  To concede, I'll be upset if TP gets pre-empted, but I'll 
certainly stay tuned to see why.

Personally, I feel the war is much more important to keep an eye on.  We can 
always see TP at a later date when are loved ones are home safe.  

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