Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: TP on the verge of cancellation
Date: 1991-02-16, 10:03

	Sorry to bring bad news but, I found this article in todays front page
section of the San Jose Mercury News.


LOS ANGELES (AP) - "Twin Peaks" will be pulled from the ABC schedule after
tonight's broadcast in what could be the first move toward cancellation of the
bizzare television serial.

   ABC said Friday that the "Twin Peaks" ratings were a disappointment but
that the show would return in a different time later this season.

Last week, "Twin Peaks" finished in 85th place out of 89 TV shows ranked by
the A.C. Nielson system.

   "We have no idea when we will be on next," said a spokesman for the
producers of the show.  Traditionally, when a show is placed on indefinite
hiatus, it is doomed.

   Michael Saltzman, a spokesman for "Twin Peaks" producers David Lynch and
Mark Frost, said ABC ordered 22 episodes of the one-hour drama for the 1990-
'91 TV season.  The 16th episode is set for broadcast at 10 tonight (Chs. 7,
11, 13).

 Oh well I guess I won't have to stock up on any more blank tapes any time
soon.  But, seriously I think its time to start that letter writing campain
now.  Could the person who posted the address of ABC please repost so I can
properly address my letter bomb.

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