Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: The Log Lady
From: (Brian D. Moore)
Date: 1991-04-04, 09:49

In article <>, (William K Glunt) writes:
|> In article <> (timothy meade) writes:
|> >
|> >>From: (Richard Travsky)
|> >>
|> >>A question about the Log Lady - Is she natural or base 10?
|> >
|> >My guess is that she's base tree...
|> >
|>  Or Oaktal.

     Fir God's sake, stop trying to spruce up the net with these jokes.  I
pine for an air of seriousness here -- what we need is a strict disciplinarian
at the elm to punish you offenders. (I'm sure if he were alive, Eric the Redwood
do it. Or maybe Roy Cone.)  I guess we can no longer depend on the kindness of 
strangers, like Branch DuBois did.  How about this:  the next person to make a tree pun willow the net an apology.  If you don't, we'll kick your ash, or
maybe just Lynch ya, like we were in the John Birch Society.  We'll leaf your
nude body swinging in the wind, like a Maplethorpe photograph, your pitiful
existence trunkated, squashed like a couple of mesquitos.  And I assure you,
Bush would pardon us.  You should be ashamed, the pear of you.

     (Forgive me. When I get in front of a terminal, I don't know what happens.
Just remember, my bark is worse than my byte.)
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