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Subject: Re: The Peaks are not what they seem (HYPOTHETICAL SPOILERS)
From: rosimcg@OAVAX.CSUCHICO.EDU (Rosi McGillivray)
Date: 1991-04-04, 13:01
Reply-to: rosimcg@OAVAX.CSUCHICO.EDU

In article , jms@vanth.UUCP (Jim Shaffer) writes:
>> >>In article <> rosimcg@OAVAX.CSUCHICO.EDU (Rosi McGillivray) writes:
>>> >>>the Three Sisters, Mount Lassen, and Mount Shasta. The shapes of
>>> >>>the Log Lady's tattoo look to me to be the outline of Mount Shasta,
>>> >>>a POWER POINT for the GREAT WHITE LODGE (or GW Brotherhood, AKA
>>> >>>Freemasonry and Rosicrucianism). I'm wondering if there is a
>>> >>>connection brewing (right along with the 'Joe') between TP and
>>> >>>the eerie goings-on of Mount Shasta. ???
> >
>> >>Hey, you could be on to something.  I posted something a while ago about
>> >>the White Lodge and Sirius and aliens and tunnels in the Himalayas.
>> >>(Coop's going to be exploring a cave next episode, so it looks like I may
>> >>be at least partly right!)  I was aware that some of the mountains in
>> >>question were power points, but I didn't know that the White Lodge was
>> >>involved.  I've also heard of a woman who believes that survivors of
>> >>Lemuria are living under one of them.
> >
>> >>This is fun!
>>> >>>
>>> >>>I think so, too. And, yes, it is Mount Shasta where the Lemurians
>>> >>>are said to reside. They occasionally come into town, where they
>>> >>>trade gold for salt (!). I think the White Lodge connection is
>>> >>>the most potentially interesting subplot (please forgive me)
>>> >>>most likely becase I'm in northern California and I have studied
>>> >>>Mount Shasta, Freemasonry, and Rosicrucianism. 
>>> >>>Tonight's the night!!! (Thursday, that is)
>>> >>>Rosi

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> >And I haven't even mentioned the connection between donuts and space-time
> >warps....  :-)
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