Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Peaks IS a soap (was Re: Donna and Audrey are sisters)
From: (Dan Parmenter)
Date: 1991-04-05, 15:16

And a very GOOD soap at that.

Of course it's better than Dallas.  In fact, it's probably my favorite
soap opera of all time.  

One of the things that attracted me to it when i first saw it was that
for the first time, the odd little things that would creep into soap
operas from time to time (such as the mad scientist with the freeze
ray on "General Hospital" or the underground kingdom of "Eterna" on
"One life to Live") were being put at the forefront.

I for one will be thrilled if it turns out that Donna, Audrey and
Laura are sisters. Heck, Ben Horne is the stag king of Twin Peaks -
maybe he's Shelley's real father too.

- Dan
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