Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Donna and Audrey are sisters
Date: 1991-04-08, 13:28

In article <> keb3@po.CWRU.Edu (Keith
E. Bitely) writes:
> >
> >In a previous article, (Brett J. Vickers) says:
> >
>> >>Well, half-sisters anyway.
>> >>
>> >>It seems that Eileen Hayward and lecherous Ben Horne had something
>> >>going "20 years" ago.  I'd say that's about right for Donna's age --
>> >>isn't she 18?  Also, didn't Doc Hayward look like he was trying to
>> >>protect her from the truth?
>> >>
>> >>It sorta adds a new dimension to the "Twin" theme.
>> >>
> >Yeppers.  I also remember Eileen Hayward telling Ben Horne to, "Stay away from
> >her."  One can naturally assume that 'her' is in reference to Donna.
> >
> >Keith
> >-- 

It could also be the case that Ben is Donna's father but doesn't know it. Maybe
only Eileen and perhaps the Doc know the truth. A woman in that situation
doesn't always the tell the man she suspects is the father if she doesn't want
to marry him and doesn't want (or can't get) an abortion.