Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Eckhardt dead?
From: dpray@plague.Berkeley.EDU (Ice)
Date: 1991-04-09, 22:33
Newsgroups: (Cisco's Buddy) writes:
> >In article <>, (Scott Johnson) writes...
> >} I am not so sure Eckhardt IS dead; no one mentioned him after that episode,
> >} like they did for Josie.

> >Not so. Jones quite explicitly told Catherine that Josie and Eckhardt were
> >going to be buried together back in Hong Kong.

Much as I doubt what I'm about to suggest, Ms. Jones's testimony is hardly
impartial.  She could have helped Eckhardt fake his death, just as Katherine
helped Andrew fake his.  Certainly he was shot by Josie and could well have
died, so it would have had to have been an impromptu plan using their many HK
connections to pull it off.  How they managed to get Eckhardt out of our
local police officers' collective grasp would be a sticky part of the puzzle.

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