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Subject: Re: Next week's drawing/map/whatever [was: Transcript for Califo...]
From: (Andrew Duane)
Date: 1991-04-09, 16:36

In article <6BBE98F2C0C0264B@UMAECS> (Rocky Giovinazzo) writes:
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Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Next week's drawing/map/whatever [was: Transcript of ending for Californians.]
>>> >>>In article <19FC44D160C02014@UMAECS> (Rocky Giovinazzo) writes:
>>> >>>
>>> >>>[A computer screen drawing of some kind of map?  It could be drawings of
>>> >>>something in Owl Cave?  It looks like there are two figures on the left
>>> >>>side above a circle of objects (BOB's candles?) and on the right is
>>> >>>the sun.  The rest is too blurred to make out.]
> >	Actually, in Salem, New Hampshire (I think) is a place
> >advertised as "America's Stonehenge" which is apparently a similar but
> >less spectacularly large version of Stonehenge-- yet still as mysterious.
> >I've never been there so I can't tell you anything more than this.	
> >	Unfortunately, Salem is about as far from Twin Peaks as anything
> >in the U.S. so it probably won't fit into the show.

Living about 3 miles from "America's Stonehenge", and having visited it,
I can tell you it is nothing like Stonehenge in construction. It is 
essentially a small church complex or village made of stone, and spread
out over at least 2-3 acres. While there are several astronomical and
solar observation marks, it is nothing like the large collection of
monoliths that comprise Stonehenge.

Besides, it's more than 11 inches tall. ;-)

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