Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: TP-Stunt this Friday (HELP!)
From: (Michael Bruce Tomblyn)
Date: 1991-04-10, 15:25

Peaker Action, Friday, April 12~~

Here's what we're gonna do: Friday, all day, Peakers should call Mr. Zack
Manna, Director of Advertising, AT&T, at 212/605-5500. Get as far past the
receptionist as you can and leave the following message for Mr. Manna:  

"I was watching Twin Peaks last night, and it was such a great show that I
wanted to call and thank you personally for being a sponsor.  Have a nice day."

Please leave as close to this exact message as possible.This is all part
of a bigger plan which takes too long to explain.  If you're a fan, have
faith and do it.  Then E-mail me back, so we can measure the response. 
This part is very important.  Also, post this message everywhere you
can. Remember, this is coming down to the last few and most important
weeks of our campaign to save TP. Tell as many of your friends as
possible! Please take just a minute to do this. It will cost about a
dollar, and isn't it worth it? Remember the effectiveness of our plan a
few weeks back with Mr. Iger. Let's pump another 300,000!!!!!   

Thanks, and keep Peaking.

Mike Tomblyn, Pine Weasel Project, COOP Pres. (Pittsburgh, PA)

Don't forget to e-mail me as soon as possible after calling and let me
know how close you got to Mr. Manna. If you make multiple calls, let me
know also.

Mike Tomblyn

PS: We should also make note in our call-ins and/or dealings with the media 
that we are using AT&T as a symbol for all TP advertisers.  We know who they 
all are, etc., but in this way we avoid diffusion of our efforts.  - FBC