Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: CANADIAN SPOILERS (TP episode 11/04/1991)
From: ACPS6410@Ryerson.CA (Nadir U Ahmed)
Date: 1991-04-11, 08:22

- Coop, Andy, Hawk, and Truman are back at Owl Cave and find a new
  petroglyph(?) which has a lot of elements in it: a circle of dots,
  a short and tall person, fire,etc.
- WE talks to Leo and a party animal indian(?), who thought he was
  invited to a party, about the White Lodge and the Black Lodge. On
  a computer is the petroglygh from Owl Cave.
- Pete tries to create a poem on Josie but is interrupted by
  Catherine. She hasn't been able to open the box left by Eckardt's
  assistant. Pete tells her it's a puzzle box that could take
  YEARS to open.
- At the R&R Bobby tries to convince Shelley to enter Miss TP.
  Elseware at the R&R, WM tries to convince the mayor to help her
  win the contest since he's a judge of the contest. Dale is
  getting some coffees for his team who went to Owl Cave. He
  also makes a date with Annie (a nature study) in the afternoon,
  4:00 sharp. He also hears a piece of the poem Shelley was
  reciting and gets her piece of the message the three 'queens'
- Coop tells Truman that the message was from WE. He also said
  that he recited the poem to WE's wife (Caroline, wasn't it?).
- Major Briggs in conference room and tells that Leo's
  disappearance, Owl Cave, and  WE are all related.
- We see a silouette of a hooded figure. When the silouette
  comes toward the screen, a starscape is seen in the
  silouette, and owl flies in the starscape and we then see a
  wall of fire appear.
- Before or after the previous scene, Cooper asks for WE's
  file for Project Bluebook, he also compares handwriting
  of Leo's and the note sent to the 'queens' and says that
  Leo wrote the note from WE.
- PDI is in a papermache of something and WE asks for an
  arrow. Leo doesn't want to but those shocks from his
  collar convinced him to. WE loads a crossbow and shoots
  an arrow at PDI (Party-Dude Indian) who cant move in
  the papermache and chickenwire sculpture(?) and we can
  only see the PDI from the neck up so I would assume
  WE's arrow pierced PDI's heart because PDI died
  instantly. (I don't know but I think if there was a
  party and I was invited, and there was two people one
  who spoke of a mystic place and played a flute, I
  I wouldn't get killed that easily.)
- Miss TP Committee (MTPC) meets and Ben basically said
  the speeches should be how the contestants would save the
  woods. The MTPC would take it under advisement. The MTPC
  are Doc Hayward, the Mayor, and Pete.(Pete is a both a chess
  pro AND a beauty judge? Go figure.)
- People who want to be Miss TP contestants include Donna,
  Shelley, WM, and Nadine!?!?!?! (AAAAAAAAARRRRGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!)
- Mike (the wrestler) whispers to Bobby what you get when you
  mix sexual maturity with increased strength. Bobby shouted
  his amazement by saying to the meaning of WWWWOOOOAAAAHHH!!!
  and everyone in the room looked at Bobby.
- Truman asks Catherine why Josie did what she did. (Isn't she
  the last person to ask. Where is her brother by the way?)
  She shows Truman the puzzle box. Pete came in and tried to
  take the box but it dropped and opened. The contents in the
  box seems to be another puzzle box which seems to have
  astrological signs in a circle and phases of the moon in an
  outer circle.
- Annie and Coop are in a boat, Annie told Coop that she had
  one sr. yr. boyfriend and because of that boyfriend, there
  are scars on Annie's wrist before she entered the convent.
  Coop kissed Anniec twice (ALRIGHT!!!!(!!!))
- A wine party (onepheliac(?) soiree) which Dick is hosting
  with a bandaged nose.
- Gordon again speaks normally to Shelley. When Coop and Annie
  appear Gordon tells them and Shelley that he's leaving but
  he'll try to return to TP to be with Shelley. He gave her
  two kisses. The first interrupted by Bobby who is expressing
  his disbelief at Shelley kissing Gordon. (HA, BOBBY! SHE
  DESERVES GORDON MORE THAN YOU!)(It's kiss an FBI day. Will
  Albert Rosenfield find that special person too?)
- WM and Andy could find banana and chocolate in the taste of
  the wine they tasted. (She's got good tastebuds too besides
  the hightened sexual prowess she was diagnosed a couple of
  episodes ago.)
- Donna still wants to know Eileen's involvement with Ben,
  and she is thinking of studying overseas.
- Same hooded silouette seen before but with a half moon
  where the head is. The owl flies then.
- Coop and the police are at the gazebo where he took his
  date to while being watched by WE earlier on the date
  on the boat. There is a crate on the gazebo. On the crate
  there is a ring on a sign that says "PULL ME". Coop does
  from a distance using a police line tied to the ring and a
  rock. He shoots the rock and the crate opens. The PDI is
  in a chess piece scupture which he was in when he was
  shot by an arrow. There is a sign hanging by the arrow
  saying that "Next time it will be someone you know."