Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: COOP Announcement (READ THIS FIRST!)
From: (Fiona Oceanstar)
Date: 1991-04-11, 09:38


Dateline: Thursday, April 11th

I got a phone call this morning from Mike Caputo at COOP Headquarters,
and he says it's time to rally the forces, the clock is ticking.
Operation Pine Weasel is now at the leading edge of our efforts to get
the show renewed.

What *is* Operation Pine Weasel, you may ask?  It's the nationwide
campaign to write or call all the advertisers whose illustrious products
and illustrious commercials sponsor the show.

                ****THIS IS WHAT YOU CAN DO TO HELP****

     Tomorrow, Friday the 12th, call (212) 605-5500 and ask to speak
     to a gentleman by the name of Zack Manna.  Yes, that's Zack Manna.
     He is the Vice President of Advertising for A T & T, and when you
     get ahold of him *or* his secretary, express your appreciation for
     advertising on "Twin Peaks."  You will have just seen an A T & T
     commercial during the show on Thursday night, presumably, so with
     that commercial fresh in your mind, tell Mr. Manna how much you
     appreciate A T & T's sponsorship of the show, how it influences you
     to switch your personal phone services to A T & T, and so on.
     Short, sweet, supportive, and then get off the line.  

     If you don't get a chance to do it Friday, do it Monday.

There will be a series of these Friday call-in campaigns, Caputo says,
picking one new advertiser for each Friday after the show is aired.

Ongoing efforts of Operation Pine Weasel also include *writing* to the
sponsors of the show, for which activity you're supposed to be truly
compulsive and include *proofs*of*purchase* (if you have 'em) for the
advertised products.  :-)  This is supposedly "Phase Two" (the next
front after all those calls and letter to Herr Iger) of the COOP
campaign.  If you don't have the packet of info about where and how to
write to the sponsors, you can get it from either your local COOP
chapter, or by writing to:

               COOP Headquarters
               The Great Northern
               4532 19th St. North
               Arlington, VA  22207

Mike also asks for the COOP chapter chairs to send him their rosters of
names and addresses of COOP Irregulars, so that everyone can be added to
the data-base/mailing-list.  If you don't have a local COOP chapter, or
don't know about one, write to Caputo at the above address.

You *do* want to be on the COOP mailing list, if you're not already.

Returning you now to your regularly scheduled newsgroup....

                                                  Fiona Oceanstar