Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Last Two Episodes Moved!!!
From: (BraD SearleS)
Date: 1991-04-11, 06:55

I have just learned from Lynch Frost productions that ABC is taking the last
two episodes (the last was to air on May 2nd) and moving them to Monday,
June 10th, back to back in the next available Monday night movie slot...

I had been planning, in detail, a TP party here in Burlington Vermont, with
some of the TP actors attending, and the mayor welcoming them to our city.

I had already arranged for donations of food and equipment and space
and now the plans are shot doen the tubes...

Obviously, ABC has completely given up on our show...
May 2nd would have been ratings week, and rather than risk it, they took Twin
Peaks out of the running...The month and a half gap that will lie between
the April 18th and June 10th episodes will kill the show.

I have heard (unofficially) that Lynch/Frost productions will have meetings
with other networks within the next few weeks.
Keep your fingers crossed....

Brad Searles,
President, COOP Vermont:

I had aL
This funny quote under construction.