Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: miscellaneous observations
Date: 1991-04-11, 13:49

Just got through catching up on about a weeks worth of posts so I am going to
put these in one notice without reference any others that might have inspired

1. The Poem. Most obvious, so obvious as to perhaps qualify as a purloined
letter or a red herring, is that the author's name is the same as one of the
Queen's. Not only that, Shell(e)y is Leo's wife and Gordon Cole's recent love
interest. She sure is being set up for "your fav' victim" whether it turns out
that way or not. Course they made Ben look pretty good as a candidate for WKLP.

2. James' Road Trip.  His next stop after Mexico will be NYC, possibly with a
stopover to see old Bull Lee (aka, WS Burroughs). The reference to Kerouac's
"On the Road" is pretty clear.

3. Coming Next Week. After the petroglyph bit there is a brief flash of what is
almost certainly part of the poem that Donna et al got. The voice over is Coop
asking for Leo Johnson's arrest report. Recall that WE had Leo doing some
writing for him. My prediction is Coop will tie Leo to the poem.

4. Donna's Daddy. I have a hearing problem, so I can't be absolutely sure of
this, but I am pretty sure that in the scene at the Great Northern, Ben says to
Donna's mother:"Have you told her?" and she replies, "No and I'm not going to."
and words to the effect of "and I want you to promise not to either. You better
stay away from her." I guess that makes it fairly likely that he is Donna's