Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Other Important Things (SPOILERS!)
From: (Greg Mendel)
Date: 1991-04-11, 16:24

I'm new to the newsgroup, & this is my 1st post, so please bear with me.

First, although this is from a rather old message, I simply cannot let it stand:

In article <63534@bbn.BBN.COM> ingria@BBN.COM writes:
> >
> >   nope, it wasn't a tattoo pattern; it was a scar from a slashed-wrist suicide
> >   attempt.  *THAT* was why Cooper (grimacing) told her the coffee was 'just
> >   right'.  What sent her to the convent?  She turned to religion to help her
> >   overcome whatever it was that drove her to her suicide attempt.
> >

The events in the scene you describe are as follows:

Cooper is reading a book on Tibet.  When he looks up, the sight of Annie hits
him like a 2-by-4.  In addition to his initial look of disconcertion, there is
further evidence in the akward moment in which they both reach to overturn his
coffee cup.  Annie says that she made the coffee rather strong.  Coopers brow
furrows as he lifts the cup, probably simply in contemplation of the coffee he
is about to sip.  I can only assume that this is what you misinterpret as
"grimacing."  He tells her that she made the coffee just right BECAUSE SHE MADE
IT JUST RIGHT.  (If he thought she was strange he would say so.)

Second, could someone tell me shere I could get information on COOP and the
Gazette that is occasionally mentioned.  I haven't seen either mention in
any of the files at the au ftp site, although I haven't gone completely
through the files.