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Subject: Re: The versatile Dr Hayward
From: dmf2@po.CWRU.Edu (Denise M. Fischer)
Date: 1991-04-11, 14:22

In a previous article, (Anton A Sanderfoot) says:

> >In article <> (Charles Blair) writes:
>> >>   Even for a smalltown Dr, he certainly does a lot:
>> >>
>> >> (1) forensic pathology
>> >> (2) very successful neurosurgery on Leo
>> >> (3) gynecology (delivered Andy and Dick and Nicky)
>> >> (4) ear specialist for Gordon Cole
> >      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> >Obstatricians (sp?) deliver babies, he could be a gynecologist too, I suppose.
> >

I've lived with two medical students for almost three years and from 
listening to them talk, I think most obstetricians are also gynecologists.
The fact that an internship in obstetrics is called ob/gyn also supports

I hope the show hasn't been cancelled... I plan to call AT&T tomorrow.
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