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Subject: Re: TP - 4/4/91 - My Thoughts/?'s
From: jms@vanth.UUCP (Jim Shaffer)
Date: 1991-04-11, 11:27

In article <31798@usc> (Louise Marks) writes:
> >
> >I've got it all figured out.  An apocolyptic clash between the
> >denizens of the white and black lodges will wipe out the entire
> >population of Twin Peaks.  In the concluding scene, James will ride
> >into a deserted town on his motorcycle.  The show will end with a
> >closeup of his puzzled, innocent face, Lynch's symbol of hope for the
> >future.  (TA DA!)

It could work!	Remember the end of the first season of "Grand", with the
goofy policeman riding up to the former site of Janice's trailer after the
tornado?  ("Grand" was just going supernatural when it was killed, too!
I'm still upset that they killed that show.  Of course, getting rid of half
the characters between the first and second seasons did *NOT* help it!)

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