Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: "Project RS": How to Win a TP T-Shirt
From: (Fiona Oceanstar)
Date: 1991-04-12, 05:56

First of all, if you haven't read my previous posting on "Project
Rolling Stone" yet, this is all going to be Greek (or Swahili) to
you.  It's posted under a subject heading starting "FIONA...".  If
for some reason you haven't gotten it by say, late afternoon on
Friday the 12th, or if your newsreader dropped if before you could
read it, write to me at and ask for it.  But *look*
for it first, or get it from someone else even, because if this
project flies, I'm going to be deluged with mail.  :-)


Friday 4/12
8:30 AM

There are two new wrinkles in Project Rolling Stone as of this

1)  First, I hear from *you* that the next TP episode will NOT be aired
next Thursday, but not until somewhat later, perhaps as late as June.
This is awful (of course), but it might have a silver lining for this
project, which is that we'll have more time to churn out our Grand
Unified Theory.

2)  Second, it occurs to me that _Rolling_Stone_ may actually *pay* me
for this proposed article (gee whiz, didn't think of that (-:), and I
want y'all to share in the benefits from that, so I'll promise to buy a
certain number (depends on how much I get paid... (-:) of Twin Peaks T-
shirts and/or coffee mugs, like the ones advertised in the _Gazette_,
and give them out to the top several people who contribute the most
to Project Rolling Stone.  Is that an incentive?  (or *what*...)

Lemme know (by *e-mail*) what you think, or if you want to just launch
right in, post to the group using "RS:" in your header.  If you *don't*
put "RS:" in the header, you won't be eligible for a T-shirt or coffee
cup, because I won't ever read your postings until after the project is

Now there's less need for me to worry about spoilers, of course, if
the show's not going to be on for a while, but I still want that "RS:"
to be in the subject headings of your articles, so I'll know I have your
consent for this project.  Does that make sense?

Let's do it!  (Unless, of course, you don't want to... (-:)