Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: About the cave drawing...
Date: 1991-04-12, 10:04

 First of all, all the executives at ABC should be taken out and beaten
soundly. Enough said.

  Last night we saw a hooded figure twice. Could this be the same hooded
figure we saw in the woods with Leo (or was it Ben Horne, I don't remember)
way way back in the first season?

  Second, more hints about the waterfall. Towards the end of the episode
we saw a shot of the waterfall, and it looked like it was parting, like a
portal opening? The waterfall seemed to be represented in the cave drawing.
Remember that Laura was found by the river, and Maddie was found near the
waterfall. Maybe BOB first took the bodies to the Black Lodge for some reason,
and then the bodies washed out of the Black Lodge down the river and out the
waterfall to where they were found.

   The gazebo where the metalhead (who looked like a cross between Steve
Guttenberg and Joe Piscopo) was found dead I think was the same one where
Maddie pretended to be Laura for Dr. Jacoby.

   My friends and I thought we saw the outline of a skull in Windom's computer
representation of the cave drawing. There was what looked like two peaks in the
center of the drawing, and each of those had some concentric circles in them.
Well, these two groups of concentric circles were the eyes of the skull, and
the shape of the skull was vaguely apparent around the eyes. Also in regards
to the drawing, was there some kind of horned creature at the very bottom
of the computer drawing? It was left out of Andy's chalkboard drawing.

Jeff Kouba
Dept. of Physics and Astronomy
University of Iowa