Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Black box, Josie, and Nadine
From: osmigo@ut-emx.uucp (Ron Morgan)
Date: 1991-04-12, 17:08

Well, I've got four comments/questions/whatever at this point (God, I love
this show...):

1. Any speculations as to what's in that black "puzzle box" from Eckhardt?

2. As revealed in last night's show (4/11), the judges in the Miss Twin Peaks
contest are hopelessy biased. Suppose, just suppose...they avoid the whole
uncomfortable issue and give the crown to *Nadine*. Imagine a confrontation
between Windom Earle and Nadine.....

3. I'm a bit dismayed by the way they left us hanging, with Josie stuck in
that drawer knob. Not a WORD about it since it happened. Is she still there,
getting sprayed with New Lemon-Freshened Pledge by the hotel maids twice
a week, or what?

4. I can't *believe* an ultra-sharp cat like Coop would fail to closely
examine the Bonsai, *knowing* it was from Windom Earle. Sheesh.

5. (I know, I said four, but...) Once again, is there any source of 
Twin Peaks paraphenalia, such as the coffee mug or something? 

Ron Morgan