Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Comments on 4/11/91 ---- Spoilers
From: (Chuck Kincaid)
Date: 1991-04-12, 06:32

	Just a couple of comments on the show.  I thought it was good.
When compared to Belvedere (sp?) it was amazing.  But relative to the
other TP episodes it was only good.  There probably won't be a lot of
quotes from this one.  There were a couple of good ones.  Gordon to 
Bobby, that sort of thing.  Nothing spectacular.  

	An interesting contrast which seems to occur in more than one
good vs evil story:  Windom put his map on a computer screen (hi-tech)
Andy was drawing theirs on a chalkboard (lo-tech).  Other examples are
Windom using the electronic collar to keep Leo in line and Coop throwing
rocks and bottles to find a lead.  It seems that  writers believe 
that technology is inherently evil.  In _The_Time_Bandits_ David Warner
as we know, played Evil.  He was very interested in lasers, super-
computers, etc.  Obviously, (since I am writing this on a computer) I 

	Now we know why the moons were shown without any _seeming_ 
consistency.  With the decoder from the black box we can figure out
the special meaning to TP fans from Lynch/Frost.  The different patterns
of the moon have a special symbol with them.  Obviously the characters
would see the normal moon cycle, so it must be a message to _us_ the 
fans.  Now if only someone can translate from the symbols to English.
	Here is a thought from a friend of mine, Mike Conlon,
who doesn't read this 
group.  (He's a busy guy).  I am not entirely convinced about what he
says, but it is interesting enough to propose.  Caroline is not dead.
She was saved (by aliens?) taken to a convent and allowed to recuperate.
She has now returned to her home town of Twin Peaks, is using here
childhood name (from Caroline Anne) and is alive and well.  But you
now protest.  That's stupid you say.  Why don't she and Coop and WE 
recognize each other.  There is a veil of secrecy, a cloak of hiding
which covers her and protects her.  She is the aliens ace in the hole.
At some point in the final confrontation between evil and good in this
form she will be revealed.  Just as Windom is about to kill Cooper
WE recognizes Caroline, hesitates as the good side of him which is 
hidden deep within, controlled by the evil alien, surges for a moment
at the return of his lost love.  This allows Coop to get free and kill
Windom......  Again, I am not entirely sure I go along, but, boy, it 
sures makes for an interesting story.  The only thing I wouldn't like
if it does turn out to be true is that it was predicted.  I like it 
when things are surprising and not predictable.  (And this from a 
statistician! :-)

	Finally, I am not overly bothered by a cancellation of Twin
Peaks.  (Is this blasphemy :-)  I will be saddened, and there will be
an emptiness in my life where Cooper once was, but it will have been
a good trip.  I can also rewatch it if I want (If only I can get the 
past episodes that I missed.  Is there anyone in Florida that will
make a deal?)  HOWEVER, if these so and so's end this poorly then I
will be in a pissed off, uproar.  I expect great things from
Lynch/Frost.  I expect to be on the edge of my seat from the first 
scene of this final movie.  I expect things to happen which are so far
above anything else that I will be speechless for days.  (Although
with those expectations, I can't help but be disappointed :-)  But,
seriously, I want Twin Peaks to go out with a BANG and not a whimper.

	Any comments and discussion of the above are appreciated.  As
well as any suggestions for quotes, or criticisms about current quotes.

charles d. kincaid    <------#######   Correct address.  The one above
                                         is probably not.