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Subject: Comments/questions on 4/11
Date: 1991-04-12, 04:29

Great episode!  I noticed Mark Frost had a hand in the writing for the
first time since Leland died.  The only thing that bothers me is that
the chess game has obviously been trashed.  I had thought Earle was
obsessive enough about chess that he would keep the game serious.
I know, I know, the writers couldn't fit a whole chess game into the
remaining episodes, but they should have thought of that beforehand,
so they wouldn't have to suddenly shift gears here towards the end. 
So now I guess Earle is just killing people at will, without regard to
chess, as evidenced by the "Someone you know will be next" note.

Well, enough criticism.  Everything else was excellent.


* I liked the kid who was Earle's newest victim a lot.  He was the
first character on TP who reminded me of a real person; of someone I
knew!  Wonder if his name is Powell, or if something else made Earle
choose him.  Question: The arrow went into the pawn, not into the
kid's body, didn't it?  Yet it killed him.  Maybe since the show is
now on at 9:00 they can't show as much violence, and having the arrow go
into his body would have been too much?  Doubt it, though.

* His scene at the end, when Cooper opens the "package", was
great, too.  I loved the idea of the giant pawn.  But it would have been
more chilling if the note had said something like "What is all this sweet
work worth if thou kiss not me."

* If Lana doesn't win the Miss Twin Peaks pageant, I expect the Mayor
to meet the same fate his brother did.  Personally, my money's on
Nadine to win!  Bobby to Mike: "WHOOOAAAA!"

* Strange that all the pageant judges happen to be characters we
already know.  And all older men at that.  By the way, what were they
doing if it wasn't the actual pageant?  And why were they at the
Roadhouse, in front of the *red curtains*?

* I have no ideas about the cave "map", but I'm sure that by next
Thursday we'll have the whole thing analyzed on here.  I did notice
one thing: the symbol beside the fire was one of the planetary
symbols, although I can't remeber which.  Saturn, maybe?  I also think
this was the only planetary symbol on the map, so maybe this is where
the "aliens" are from, if they are indeed aliens.

* Also, in the cave: What did Cooper mean by "Someone's already been
here; they've done our work for us."  What "work"?  Are we to assume
that this wall with the large petroglyph was behind the wall which
crumbled last week?  If so, how did Cooper know what had happened?

* Interesting effect with the sillhouette, the starscape background,
and the owl.  But what does it mean?

* Does Andy have a photographic memory or something?  How did he
remember that entire petroglyph to copy onto the chalkboard?

* Coop recognized Leo's handwriting after not having seen it for a
long time.  Just another example of his Amazing Abilites (tm), I guess.

* I think Annie was lying to Coop when she said that she had tried to
kill herself because of a boy.  She had just told Cooper she didn't
want to talk about it, then suddenly said the first thing that popped
into her mind just to satisfy his curiosity.  I think more went on
than she's willing to admit.  Perhaps it *was* a boy; a boy named BOB.

* How is it that Windom always seems to know where Coop is?  He's
always following him around.  And this time, at the gazebo, he didn't
even have on a disguise.  Dumb move, Earle; Coop could have seen you!

* The thing inside the "puzzle box" had astrological signs on it, and
moon phases.  Why did Pete purposely drop it the second time?  Maybe
he thought that this was yet *another* box, and figured it would open
the same way the outer one did.  Does anybody know what this object
is?  This is one of the most intriguing things on the show now.  A
possible, but doubtful, theory: this object is another box.  It
contains BOB, and whoever opens it becomes his new host.  After all,
the box is connected with Eckhart and Josie, and when they died we saw
BOB.  And did you notice that when Pete walked into this scene he said
"Whoooeee BOB!"  I don't really believe this theory; it's just a
passing thought.

* The wine tasting scene was funny; moreso than the similar "Save the
Pine Weasel" scene 2 weeks ago.  Just what kind of wine do they have
in Twin Peaks that has banana and chocolate flavor, anyway?!?

* Was Shelley really happy that Gordon was kissing her, or did she
just want Bobby to be jealous?

* What was the purpose of that incredibly sappy scene between Cooper
and John Justice Wheeler?  Now I too am getting sick of J.J., and I
liked him to begin with.

*  Best quote:  Annie:  "I lived inside my head a lot."
   (this is     Cooper: "Pretty good place to live."
   not exact)   Annie:  "Some strange neighbors, though."
Neighbors, in one's head?  Like BOB, perhaps?  (Sorry, my
imagination's running a little wild!)

Well, that's about all I can think of.  Can't wait till next week!

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