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Subject: Re: Comments on 4/11/91 ---- Spoilers
From: (Amanda )
Date: 1991-04-12, 15:45

In article <> (Chuck Kincaid) writes:
> >
> >	Finally, I am not overly bothered by a cancellation of Twin
> >Peaks.  (Is this blasphemy :-)  I will be saddened, and there will be
> >an emptiness in my life where Cooper once was, but it will have been
> >a good trip.  [deletions] 
> >  HOWEVER, if these so and so's end this poorly then I
> >will be in a pissed off, uproar.  I expect great things from
> >Lynch/Frost.  [deletions] 
> >seriously, I want Twin Peaks to go out with a BANG and not a whimper.
> >
> >charles d. kincaid
> >    <------#######   Correct address.  The one above
> >                                         is probably not.

     I'd just like to add my vote to the apparently widespread opinion: I
love Twin Peaks. I will be sad to see it gone; I will miss it. However, as
long as we see _all_ of the episodes that are made, I can accept this. More:
I welcome the chance for TP to leave honorably, rather than dwindle away into
mediocrity and obscurity (more than it already has :-(/2 ). If they had kept
episodes from us, I would feel cheated. As long as they show all extant 
episodes, and end with a BANG as statman says, Twin Peaks will never really
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