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Subject: Re: Comments/questions on 4/11
Date: 1991-04-12, 09:46

In article <183B378F404040A5@WVNVMS.WVNET.EDU>, UN040377@WVNVAXA.WVNET.EDU writes...
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> >Comments/Questions:
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> >* I liked the kid who was Earle's newest victim a lot.  He was the
> >first character on TP who reminded me of a real person; of someone I
> >knew!  Wonder if his name is Powell, or if something else made Earle
> >choose him.  Question: The arrow went into the pawn, not into the
kid's body, didn't it?  Yet it killed him.  Maybe since the show is
> >now on at 9:00 they can't show as much violence, and having the arrow go
> >into his body would have been too much?  Doubt it, though.

If you remeber, the pawn wasn't quite finished when the Metalhead was 
killed.  There was an opening about heart level on the side of the pawn.  
You could see the chicken wire frame around the opening.  I guess Windom 
plastered the opening after he shot the crossbow arrow through it to kill 
the kid.
> >* Does Andy have a photographic memory or something?  How did he
> >remember that entire petroglyph to copy onto the chalkboard?

It looked to me that Andy had a piece of folded up paper in his other hand 
that he was using as a guide in transferring the petroglyph to the chalk 

> >* I think Annie was lying to Coop when she said that she had tried to
> >kill herself because of a boy.  She had just told Cooper she didn't
> >want to talk about it, then suddenly said the first thing that popped
> >into her mind just to satisfy his curiosity.  I think more went on
> >than she's willing to admit.  Perhaps it *was* a boy; a boy named BOB.
> > 
I don't know if they have made a strong enough connection between her 
suicide attempt and her entry into the convent.  She said she didn't want 
to talk about the problems that she was running from that made her enter 
the convent, not that she didn't want to talk about her suicide attempt.