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Subject: Re: Comments/questions on 4/11
From: (Kevin Yasuo Kawado)
Date: 1991-04-12, 07:50
Reply-to: (Kevin Yasuo Kawado)

In article <183B378F404040A5@WVNVMS.WVNET.EDU> UN040377@WVNVAXA.WVNET.EDU writes:
> >
> >Great episode!  I noticed Mark Frost had a hand in the writing for the
> >first time since Leland died.  The only thing that bothers me is that
> >the chess game has obviously been trashed.  I had thought Earle was
> >obsessive enough about chess that he would keep the game serious.
> >I know, I know, the writers couldn't fit a whole chess game into the
> >remaining episodes, but they should have thought of that beforehand,
> >so they wouldn't have to suddenly shift gears here towards the end.
> >So now I guess Earle is just killing people at will, without regard to
> >chess, as evidenced by the "Someone you know will be next" note.
> >
I don't think the chess game was trashed.  The reason the pawn is
sitting out in the gazzebo (sp?) is because Earle took the pawn
(BxKR3 - I know that's not the right notation but is the pawn that
was moved out in the last (4/4) episode).  This leaves Earle's
bishop extremely exposed.  I'm still curious as to what happens
when Coop takes one of Earle's pieces.  If black does not take
the white bishop, the white bishop will take the black bishop
(which is what I assume "someone you know will be next" follows
from).  It is my hypothesis that pawns are just "nobodys" that
get paid with beer :-) and the royalty are actual people in TP.
Unfortunately, I don't think there's enough time to wrap up the

> >* I have no ideas about the cave "map", but I'm sure that by next
> >Thursday we'll have the whole thing analyzed on here.  I did notice
> >one thing: the symbol beside the fire was one of the planetary
> >symbols, although I can't remeber which.  Saturn, maybe?  I also think
> >this was the only planetary symbol on the map, so maybe this is where
> >the "aliens" are from, if they are indeed aliens.

One was Jupiter and one was Saturn.  However, since both planets are
"gas giants" it is highly unlikely that anything physical actually
inhabits these planets.  I think it's just a reference point.  Maybe
when the planets line up in relation to the waterfall, something
will happen.  Just a guess.

> >
> >* Interesting effect with the sillhouette, the starscape background,
> >and the owl.  But what does it mean?

Who knows.
> >
> >* Does Andy have a photographic memory or something?  How did he
> >remember that entire petroglyph to copy onto the chalkboard?
> >
He copied it onto a scratch pad that he brought with him and then
copied the pad onto the blackboard.  Remember Coop told Andy "I
want a complete sketch of this petroglyph" or something to that
extent (I haven't re-watched the tape yet so my quotes won't be
too precise).

> >
> >Well, that's about all I can think of.  Can't wait till next week!
> >
I just hope there is a "next week" pending all of the cancellation
rumors floating around the net.  I personally haven't seen an "official"
announcement by ABC (or did I just miss it?)

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