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Subject: Re: Comments/questions on 4/11
Date: 1991-04-12, 08:33

In article <183B378F404040A5@WVNVMS.WVNET.EDU> UN040377@WVNVAXA.WVNET.EDU
> >* The wine tasting scene was funny; moreso than the similar "Save the
> >Pine Weasel" scene 2 weeks ago.  Just what kind of wine do they have
> >in Twin Peaks that has banana and chocolate flavor, anyway?!?

This kind of language is standard when 'serious' wine tasters discuss wines.
However, someone who throws words like that around just in order to impress
people is known as a 'wine snob'. It can be taken to extremes, but if you try
some of the wines that are made with an emphasis on quality and uniqueness than
for uniformity and quantity, you will find that words like that are probably
the best approximation for the sensations you will experience in addition to
the basic wine grape flavor. Oregon and Washington are known for producing
wines of this quality.

> >Kenneth Bays 
> >

-Rich Haller