Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: LAura, Leland
From: (Brian D. Moore)
Date: 1991-04-12, 13:19

In article <>, (Linda J. Williamson) writes:
|> In article (Robert Steven Glickstein) writes:

|> Actually, it was just last night that I happened
|> across that little tidbit of info relating to a
|> Leland Palmer in "All That Jazz" as well.  "All That
|> Jazz" is one of my favorite films of all time
|> (incidentally, did y'all know it's a remake of the
|> Fellini film 8 1/2?).  Anyhow, I was playing the
|> soundtrack album last night, and I noticed Leland
|> Palmer on the credits.  I'm not sure who was who,
|> but I think that she is the actress that played Joe
|> Gideon's ex-wife in the film, not at all a minor
|> role.  

     No.  That was Ann Reinking, Bob Fosse's ex-wife (surprise).  And yes,
I would not be surprised if Bob Fosse had seen '8.5' after his heart attack.
Of xourse, I would be surprised if he were to say so now... somber :-)
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