Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: LAura, Leland
From: (Brian D. Moore)
Date: 1991-04-12, 16:15

In article <>, (Jon Conrad) writes:
|> In article <> (Brian D. Moore) writes:

|> >|>Anyhow, I was playing the
|> >|> soundtrack album last night, and I noticed Leland
|> >|> Palmer on the credits.  I'm not sure who was who,
|> >|> but I think that she is the actress that played Joe
|> >|> Gideon's ex-wife in the film, not at all a minor
|> >|> role.  
|> >     No.  That was Ann Reinking, Bob Fosse's ex-wife (surprise).
|> Doubly wrong, sorry.  Joe Gideon's ex-wife (roughly corresponding to
|> Gwen Verdon in real life) WAS played by Leland Palmer, a dancer who had
|> appeared in Fosse's stage shows PIPPIN and (as a replacement) CHICAGO.
|> And Bob Fosse was NOT ever married to Ann Reinking, who plays his
|> current girlfriend in the movie.
|> Jon Alan Conrad

     Mea culpa.  I got his real-life girlfriend confused with his real-life
ex-wife.   Hrmm, not enough coffee, I guess.
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