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Subject: Re: stonehenge/previews
From: johnob@loowit.WR.TEK.COM (MSD Contractor)
Date: 1991-04-12, 18:27
Reply-to: johnob@loowit.WR.TEK.COM (John Obendorfer -MSD Contractor)

In article <> writes:
> >I know posts get kind of scrambled, so forgive the lack of chronology, but
> >someone else's comment about a New Hampshire Stonehenge reminded me with
> >a jolt (!) that there is a Stonehenge-like arrangement of monoliths in the
> >state of Washington--it's visible from the Oregon side of the Columbia
> >River Gorge, on a kind of cliff.  There is a mansion nearby, also visible (I
> >think both are open to the public, I just never drove on the non-interstate
> >road on the other side of the river--I know, I know).  Both were built
> >(legend says) by a rich man for his overseas bride, who died before she
> >could be presented with the gift.  It's very haunting.

   The Stonehenge replica is located in Maryhill, Washington, which is
about 35 miles east of The Dalles, on the north shore of the Columbia
(read: the middle of nowhere).  The site is on a small bluff overlooking
the Columbia river gorge from the east side.  It is a fairly accurate 
replica in terms of placement and scale, but the monolithic members are 
of cast concrete, not stone.  A plaque in the heelstone states that the 
monument was built shortly after WWI as a war memorial.  I do not know 
if the "stones" have been aligned so as to replicate Stonehenge's 
astronomical properties, but I suspect they haven't.  	

   The monument is mostly of interest to biker gangs (which hold drunken
revels there from time to time) and Portland/Vancouver (WA) neo-Pagans,
who grit their teeth, cleanse and banish the from the site the lingering
miasma of the biker parties, and do seasonal rituals.
   Curiously, I have been to both types of functions.  (Welcome to Oregon,
things look different here. :-))

   The mansion is actually a museum, and for some completely unfathomable
reason, contains the U.S.'s largest collection of Rodin sculpture.  The
museum and Stonehenge replica were originally part of some millionare's
effort to establish a Oneida-style utopian planned community.  The
community is long since gone, but the museum and Stonehenge remain.   

   This site is well over a hundred miles from anything resembling the
fictional location of Twin Peaks; in fact, Maryhill is well over a
hundred miles from *anything* worth mentioning.

   Except maybe BendOregon ... :-)