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Subject: Re: TP: Frequently Answered Questions List
Date: 1991-04-12, 15:45

In article <>, (Laura E. Floom) writes...
> >In article <> (Cisco's Buddy) writes:
>> >>In article <>, (Leong Heng Cheong) writes...
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>> >>} According to ABC, "Twin Peaks" will go on hiatus again after April 18
>> >>} episode.  The final two episodes will be combined into a two-hour
>> >>} ABC Monday Night Movie for airing June 10.
>> >>
>> >>Doesn't surprise me. When TP was first put on hiatus, it was said that
>> >>the last two episodes for the season hadn't been filmed at that point.
>> >>I suspect that they're restructuring the scripts to wrap everything up.
>> >>
>> >>-- 
> >Who out there thinks that TP can be wrapped up in only 2 hours? I bet

Does anyone see a Startrek TNG ending comming ???

Y'know, "let's wrap up all the loos ends in 5 mins".....

Why can't writers have ending that do justice tho the rest of the series/
episode ???