Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Twin Peaks just got the axe...
From: jms@vanth.UUCP (Jim Shaffer)
Date: 1991-04-12, 10:25

In article <> pryono@Bonnie.ICS.UCI.EDU (Pamela Ryono) writes:
> >I heard on two different radio stations today that Twin Peaks has been
> >cancelled, and a final, two-hour episode is to be broadcast in June.

That would be a spectacularly stupid thing to do.  It would probably mean
that they would have to end the story in June, so they couldn't run any
further episodes on another network.

But what do you expect from executives?  I doubt that they actually care what
they run on their network.  All they care about is the money.  Someone should
institute a minimum intelligence requirement for citizenship in this country.
Of course, the government wouldn't do it because they'd all fail...

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