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Subject: Re: Why was the FBI called in the first place?
From: (R o d Johnson)
Date: 1991-04-12, 21:16

In article <6259@male.EBay.Sun.COM> fins@radgumbo.Corp.Sun.COM (Richard Schiavi) writes:

> >After some pondering I was wondering why was the FBI called into
> >the murder investigation in the first place??  Or was something else
> >going on that I don't remember.

Because Ronette Pulaski crossed the state line, and then because the
murder connected (via the letter under the fingernail) to a case that
the FBI was already in on.

> >Also, does anyone else out there wonder why most if not all of the FBI agents
> >on the show are always very strange?   

Ever met an FBI agent?  'Nuff said.  ;)

> >There's no good old Harry S in the FBI, 

There's Roger.

> >only Coop, who is not your average Joe, the Denise/Dennis thing, 

Denise is
  -not a "thing";
  -not an FBI agent.

> >Albert
> >has his moments, and then this new guy with the wierd hearing thang, 

"This new guy" is hardly new.

> >and of course our token psycho Mr Earle.
> >I may have even missed some!  I wonder what our men and women in the
> >Bureau think about it.

They probably think it's "weird" and watch Cheers instead, like most

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